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Consumer Use of Virtual Reality

December 10, 2008

There are many different types of Virtual Reality. These include Simulation, Immersion, Telepresence, and Network Communication.   Telepresence allows groups of people to congregate while in reality they could be any other place in the world.   Simulations can help the learning process, and even keep a new flight student safe at the same time.


Virtual Reality is not just something in futuristic Science Fiction stories.  People have been buying Virtual Reality gaming systems since the 1990’s.  And of course TV shows and movies are rampant with it.  Dot Hack Sign (an anime) and The Matrix are just a few examples.



Virtual Reality is already making a social impact.  It is integrated into our daily lives.  It can enhance our abilities to learn.  It contributes to Globalization.  It has its own “Virtual Genetics” that determine the phenotype of an avatar.  Some say it can even alter personalities in the Real World.  Will Virtual Reality take over Real Life?  While it is always become more integrated with Real Life, I doubt it will completely take over.


Relative Advantage:  Activities for the disabled, be at two places at one time

Observability:  Simulations and games are easy to view

Trialability:  Try it out on Second Life, or even a Nintendo Wii

Compatibility:  Easy access to anyone with Internet connection

Complexibility:  Varies on the device.  Most Virtual Reality systems today are user friendly.